Gender Equality


Together with my girlfriend we came up with an idea to shine a light on gender equality, honouring international women’s day. This blog post is written by my girlfriend Marije Verheij. I am fully supporting Marije not only because I helped her by making pictures, but because I believe a better world starts with equality.

Today is an important day. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need an International Women’s Day. Women would be equal to men. Women would be treated equal by everyone. I would like to make a statement towards society, towards women and men and towards the big companies like Facebook who should be the ones to be the first to give a good example in this world. I think it’s kind of weird that these companies are allowed to make a difference between man and women. That is gender discrimination and that is something that they should never agree on doing. The most obvious example is that they do allow men’s nipples on their platform, but they remove pictures showing women’s nipples immediately. That’s not equal, right? How do they make these decisions anyway? What if you were a woman with no breasts? What if you are transgender? What if you are a man with big breasts? Should you be hiding? Should all nipples be censored if they don’t belong to obvious man-mans who identify as men? And how do you define that?

Instead of making more rules, instead of hiding, instead of defining what makes a man and what makes a woman…Let’s define nipples as nipples. Let’s make all nipples happy and free nipples. Let’s make a statement for such a small part of our bodies that are treated so different by society. Celebrate your body and demand equal treatment for all genders.

I speak up for a world (online and offline) without hiding and without body shaming. The smallest thing we could achieve is to have women’s nipples as free as men’s nipples. They are just as pretty and they deserve the same acceptance. I hope to give a positive message to Social Media platforms and all the other big companies that have such a big influence on our lives to give an example and treat men and women equal. I also want to tell all the women that I know that they are beautiful and I wish for them to be able to celebrate their beauty without shame. 

To put myself out there and to do what I believe in, Stephan and I made this photo session with this message in mind. He’s a great photographer and an awesome example of a man who supports gender equality. We also made a ‘like & share’ on Facebook as a shout out for gender equality on Social Media. Share if you vote for gender equality! 

3 thoughts on “Gender Equality”

  1. somanydifferentskies says:

    LOVE! and fully 100% support! I love this piece as it is simple and to the point. In my degree of peace studies that focuses highly on gender issues we analyze and analyzee and overrr analyze – factual, sure – it is a highly complex topic what not all realize – what is a man, what is woman, who decides this, is it just pure sex or is it gender… what is gender compared to sex? masculinity vs feminity etc etc.. and yes whilst this study of gender actually attempts to shed light on things, it also reveals how highly complex this topic is, but sometimes just sometimes… – in connection to social media and well, our day to day lives, and what we get worked up about, it should maybe not be so complex. Like you said “lets define nipples as nipples” – I like it – if we manage to not just see nipples, or well.. breasts as things we (aka society) have made into these sexual objects, that need covering because… its rude.. you cant keep it in your pants.. what… why?? yes, if society manages that, it would be one crazy step for equality (after all we can get into a whole debate about how natural and.. useful the female nipples are.. – for another day ;p). And I also fully agree with you on the point that maybe organizations such as FB and other media and commercial outlets should take a pioneering role on this matter. If we normalize the nipple, the breast, the feminine structures of the female body… it wont be objectified as a sex thing the way it is now.. but maybe… hmm… more the way we look at photo’s of half naked men – just good looking people who are attractive and beautiful.

    Naast al dit – Pracht foto’s! Super mooi en sterk, en gedurfd wat Stephan’s fb bericht over fb verwijderen maar al te goed onderstreept haha – absoluut om trots op te zijn en ik vind het persoonlijk echt heel erg tof dat jullie dit artikel hebben samengesteld!

    xx Hanna

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  3. Great article and terrific message. It’s amazing how much effort society puts into controlling the female nipple–the outrage against breastfeeding, the fact that cleavage and side-boob are sexualized but heaven forbid there’s a nip slip!

    You’re totally right – we should treat all nipples as nipples. The photos are beautiful. They capture nipples doing what they do best: just being.

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