Naked on a vineyard

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“what would you do when you where the last person on planet earth? Right! Run around naked. And so we did, the planet seemed deserted and we went for it..”

Just a while ago my girlfriend and I were in France. Once again we where trying to escape our lives and pursue a feeling of freedom. On an ordinary hike through a little village called Lussas, that’s in the south of France, we felt like we didn’t quite find the freedom we were looking for just yet.

We decided to go to that vineyard up the hill we saw walking through the village. The whole vineyard and the village where empty, deserted even.. It kinda felt like we where trespassing, but hey..

Once up the hill we decided trespassing just wasn’t good enough.. Before we knew we were feeling the soil with our butt cheeks, making handstands in the sun and pulling grapes with weren’t nearly eatable. At least we have the pictures…



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