Finding your niche


About a year ago I stopped my day job to be a fulltime photographer. One of my first gigs was a wedding. This photo is one of my favourites of that day. I new early on that I never wanted to be a wedding photographer. though, In this early stage of my photography career I actually did not know what I wanted to do at all!

Finding your niche means that you have to try all sorts of stuff. At this perfect day I felt that photography is in deed the thing that I love. But, I didn’t stop dreaming. With every gig I get closer to knowing what I actually want to do.  Some of the jobs feel closer to my dream, some feel miles away… It’s a long process and the only way you can speed it up is to try all sorts of things without being afraid to fail, and you will get up and you will do it again…

With every fail or fall I get closer to what I feel like doing. In some way it’s the adventure to find the adventure I’m looking for. Sometimes getting out of my comfort zone feels like a big leap for me. I tend to stay where I feel safe. But after taking that leap I always feel so much more accomplished! Do the unknown and learn:)


Below some more shots of my first real shoot:)

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