Climbing among legends in Sheffield (UK)

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The past few months I have been working with some really talented people to re-brand West Coast Climbing. A team of professional climbers in between the age of 10 (!!) and 18. As well as my colleagues on this rebranding I got really close with the team of climbers en was asked to tag along to Sheffield.

From 17 until March 21st I had the honour to join the Kids (savages) of West coast Climbing on their first big international climbing competition in Sheffield (UK) to capture their experience. The savages were competing at The Climbing Works International Festival. As well as the kids, al lot of big international names showed up to compete in one of the most legendary climbing competitions around the world.
(If you’re in to climbing, names like Jan Hojer, Shauna Coxsey and Alex Megos should be familiar to you 😉 )DSC_7871

Friday, March the 17th, we gathered up at our home gym Kunststof, to jam the seven of us in Jorg’s (coach) van and drive up to the harbour of Rotterdam where we boarded the ferry. After being on the rocking boat for 11 hours we arrived in Hull were we directly drove to Sheffield for the first day of the competition.

The savages of West Coast Climbing did very good but, did not qualify for the finals. The field of competitors was incredibly strong so being able to climb alongside some of the greatest climbers in the world was a great experience!

Unfortunately mega crusher Tiba Vroom couldn’t compete due to an ankle injury. After only one boulder she felt she had to stop the contest. A hard moment for a warrior like Tiba.. Luckily we were able to met the very handsome climbing legend Alex Megos to cheer up her day:)…


After a moving day we checked in to our cottage to rest up for the next day… A day of bouldering in the Peak District..

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