..-..-..Tour Photography


Traveling and touring is what I live for. These are random shots of de various Europe and China tours I did together with Atlantic Attraction, Fara and Fiction Plane.

DSC_115ZW_5Guangzhou, China 2015

DSC_7973Guangzhou, China 2015

DSC_1863Guangdong, China 2015

DSC_7031Bremen, Germany 2016

DSC_7045Bremen, Germany 2016

DSC_7830Cologne, Germany 2016

DSC_8506Hamburg, Germany 2016

DSC_8494Hamburg, Germany 2016

DSC_3061Berlin, Germany 2015

DSC_115ZW_34Paris, France 2015

DSC_115ZW_39Paris, France 2015

DSC_115ZW_62The Hague, The Netherlands 2015

DSC_115ZW_40Paris, France 2015

DSC_115ZW_21Leiden, The netherlands 2015

DSC_115ZW_2Utrecht, The Netherlands 2015

DSC_115ZW_4Utrecht, The Netherlands 2015

DSC_115ZW_26Brussels, Belgium 2015