My first lessons as a freelancer.

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So, I am am a fulltime freelance content creator for almost 2.5 months and all seems fine. Had a nice holiday, had some projects to work on, and still there are projects planned in the near future. I think I can say I have had an easy start. 

Last week, after finishing a project I have been working on, it seemed harmless to take a little down time. I intended to have a break for an hour. That one hour became a four hour ‘orange is the new black binge session.’ All of a suddenDSC_1332.jpg my day was over! Could have been creating new content but, instead I was consuming content.

It sounds cheesy but, time is going by so fast! Back when I was still working my ‘day job’, I guilted my 36 hour work week of being in the way of making my own dreams come true.
So after quitting my job I expected to have an unlimited amount of time to make it work for myself. Every day, the whole day to work on the stuff I am passionate about.

But, these past two months I kept having the feeling that I have no time. I felt so busy without actually doing anything. Before I knew the day was over. The only progress I made was being very up to date about the stuff my Facebook friends were doing. I didn’t make any content, did not learn anything relevant. Just wasted days scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and making my face look like a dog on snapchat…

DSC_1364.jpgNow, since I have quit my job it’s pretty much impossible to blame others for having no time to do the stuff I want. I am the only one responsible for de stuff I do. That sentence going through my head made me realise what a lazy bum I actually have been all my life. All this time I pointed fingers to others to blame that I am not doing the thing I wanted to do.
Now, when there is no one left to point fingers to. I am pointing to a mirror. I am the one responsible for my time. And it always has been like this. I was irresponsible and lazy all this time. I am the only one responsible for my time.
So, it’s time for action! Set up goals, plan new projects and focus on making new stuff. Use my time with focus.
 Be prepared! This focus will create awesome new content. personal work as well as payed projects. And if not, can someone please come and get me of my couch to smack me in the face?
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P.s. English is not my first language but, my message spreads much wider than writing only in dutch. So tips are always welcome:) 

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