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In my new monthly series INSPIRATION I look at photographers I get inspired by and I show of some of their work. Sometimes that will be some of photography’s greatest icons, sometimes it’s my neighbour taking a snapshot of his kid. This Blogpost wil be all about one of photography’s greatest: Sally Mann.

Sally Mann was born in 1951 in lexington, virginia. That’s where her dad gave her her first camera when she started shooting. After graduation she took up photography at Putney in Vermont. Now at age 65 she is still shooting with her large format camera and has produced some of the most iconic imagery.

I have selected the images that appeal to me the most. Mostly portraits Mann made of her kids on the family farm where she still lives and works. The lighting, the composition, the story the pictures seem to tell.. It all contributes to the way she attracts your eye to the subject.

For more of her work and publications check out 


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