EDITORIAL: Lakeside sunset

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Traveling through France, Marije and I tried to find the hidden gems. The places no one else go. This is a photo serie of such a place. Mézières-En-Brenne.

After driving for a full day we arrived almost exactly in the middle of France. We started that morning  in  Culnhat and expected to drive for only three hours. But somehow we seem to have chosen the most boring route ever. We just came across flat, empty country side. No water, no forest, no campsites. That left us with no choice but to keep driving. After a tiring eight hours we finally stumbled upon an interesting place to stay.

Without even setting up camp we got rid of our clothes, took a bottle of wine and started walking to a nearby lake. We swam in the dark lake, We climbed on the rocks and got bitten by a thousand mosquitos. This is what it looked like..


Now, setting up camp when it’s pitch black dark isn’t easy at all…

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