EDITORIAL: Wheat fields and sunshine.

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Traveling through France, Marije and I tried to find the hidden gems. The places no one else goes. This is a photo serie of such a place. Cunlhat.

There we were. Yet on another empty campsite. No sign of tourists, the village down the hill virtually abandoned and only a phone number on a sign to call so you can ask if it’s okay to stay.

The man on the other side of the phone asked us where we were from because we sure did not sound French at all. We told the man that we are road tripping Dutchies. After a little silence the man asked us, ” how the hell did you get here?” “we don’t do advertising, no google maps, nothing. We told him we were just wandering through France and that we were happy to find a spot like this.

Luckily the man let us stay on the empty campsite. A beautiful site next to a lake, (another lake than the one from previous post) and surrounded by wheat fields. I love wheat fields!

As the sun was setting I asked Marije to put on my favourite P&co* T-shirt. Even before we set up camp we started shooting in the wheat…


*This is not an advertisement.

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