Quitting my day job.


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I was lazy as a kid. Very lazy. That’s what my teachers thought of me. I still think my parents believed the same thing. And I kind of agree with them. Maybe I was Lazy.

I had little interest in the stuff IMG_7389.JPGthey tried to teach me at school. Long divisions, I estimated
them, memorizing stuff, nehh… Knowing half was enough to pass. Looking back I have to say, I knew how to prioritize back then. I aced the really important stuff and neglected everything else.  It only really mattered to me when I had interest. In retrospect, making up stories and using my imagination were the things that really mattered to me.

When I was about 16 I had finished high school the same way as I did primary school. Dreaming, with my head outside of the classroom. So, finishing high school ment starting a study. I had to choose my profession at 16 years of age. And of course, like all 16 year old, the only thing I could think about was tomorrow, maybe even the day after but what I wanted to do as a grownup? That seemed just to far away.

I had to choose though, my parents thought a gap year would make me more lazy and I would not succeed in life if I did. After thinking for a week or so, and hearing my parents say, “ you are so caring, maybe you should do nursing” I entered nursing school.

With a lot of reluctance I got back in to the classroom. The same way grown ups looked at me at primary school, the same way I felt in high school. That exact same way I continued nursing school. Dreaming and going everywhere but where my body was..

Now, 12 years after I started nursing school, 8 years after


An isolation room at my unit. shot for a project about loneliness.

I graduated. And 10 years of working in a mental institution I find myself dreaming, being everywhere but where my body is. Right now, after 28 years of dreaming, after feeling a untameable itch I feel sick to my stomach when I have to start my shift at the hospital. My mind is fighting my body to follow it. My mind says it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.So I took time to think, I took time to discuss this feeling I have. My girlfriend was really supportive when I told her how I feel. Knowing one thing, my passion for photography, Marije, me and a friend/ marketing mastermind started the most confronting brainstorm of my life.

The plan we made turned out to consist two words and two words only…

That night I went to bed with this mantra. “I will quit my job, I will quit my job, I will quit my job..” Over and over again. I couldn’t sleep. But, every time I said it to myself I felt a little happier. Pieces fell into place, the dots connected. From that day on the anxiety, the sickness seemed to start disappearing.

The next day I had to be up at six. with no sleep at all I went to start my day shift at the hospital. But this time was different. I felt calm going there.. On that day I told my closest colleagues I was leaving them and turned in my resignation letter. On that day the anxiety disappeared. On that day I became independent. I have quit my day job and I will start to follow my heart.

My name is Stephan de Haas, Content Creator, Visual Thinker, Entrepreneur.

6 thoughts on “Quitting my day job.”

  1. Olaf says:

    Heel leuk om de VLOG te zien! Ik kon er helaas niet bij zijn, maar zo toch nog een beetje. Ik ben trots op je als ik zie hoe je deze keuze hebt gemaakt en ik denk dat je het juiste pad volgt. Je straalt helemaal als je het hebt over je nieuwe leven. Geniet ervan!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stacy says:

    Congratulations Stephan!! I was a psychotherapist, went to graduate school, and had my own successful private practice for 7 years before making the decision to quit and pursue my own dreams of happiness, health and wellbeing. Life is most definitely for living!

    Liked by 1 person

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